Our Vision

To build and inspire people to reach their full potential, living, leading, growing and succeeding by the Word of God

Our Mission

We exist to help people know God, discover their purpose, live generously, and make a difference.

What We Believe

The four areas encompass all that we believe a disciple of Christ should look like:

Know God

Disciples have a personal relationship with God through salvation and are determined to get to know Him better through His Word, prayer, and living it out in the community.

Live Generously

Disciples live generously by dedicating themselves to caring for others and offering their lives as a resource in the Kingdom.

Discover Purpose

Disciples are determined to discover and live a life of purpose.

Make a Difference

Disciples ultimately touch other people’s lives and make a difference in the world.


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176 S Rosemont Rd
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Sunday: 10 a.m. (In-person and online)

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